About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Cat. My nickname is Kitty Cat Meow (KCM).
I’m a chick.
I’m 27.
I work constantly!
I’m a scientist from 10a-4p and run a photography company the other however many hours I’m awake.
I used to be The Sexual Triathlete. But I’ve reverted to general athlete smut queen status.
I love avocado and the band Queen but have yet to enjoy them together.
I have a pup I’m completely obsessed with and I’m hoping this blog doesn’t turn into just pictures of her, cause it’s definitely a possibility.
I keep striving for a healthy fit lifestyle despite always wanting cookies.
My Fitness History:
During my childhood and high school years I was a swimmer and water polo player. In 2003 I weighed 155 lbs and had a six pack, muscle cat. When I got to college I dropped sports and also my weight from a lack of eating properly or working out. In 2005 I hit 125 lbs and a size 0. The following year I moved to New Orleans. In that city it was easy to adopt a love of liquor and foods covered in butter. I remember crying when I saw 205 lbs on the scale.
In an unhappy state I moved back to Florida and began working out, eating like a normal American and battling against the weight I’d gained. I was appalled thinking that within 3 years I had lost 30 lbs and then gained 80. It did however teach me where my body did belong (140-155) and where it didn’t belong (anywhere else).
In 2009 I took up wakeboarding and tried my hand at a triathlon. That’s when I met the love of my life. Together we did half marathons, olympic triathlons, a half Ironman (70.3 miles of crazy), a yoga challenge, a 200 mile relay run and a warrior dash. My fitness level reached new heights, my eating habits still needed improvement. Beer anyone?
Today, the man is a paddleboard instructor and racer. While I have set my sights on weight lifting, cardio and clean eating. I’m hoping to bring balance and a little sexiness to 2013.

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