It’s a New Year…

So last year I decided I wanted to do a fitness competition. No, not the crossfit, power lifting, crush your skull type of badassery. The egotistical walk on stage in a tiny bikini, flex your butt muscles and smile type of fitness competition. Ya, what the hell was I thinking? Honestly…. I was thinking I wanna be hot. Yes I wanna learn to eat clean, yes I wanna learn to lift weights, but mostly I wanna be hot.

So I set my sights on a competition on April 7th. I have 3 months to get to competition level physique:

ImageFor me I have to compete to follow through on most fitness goals. I’m just the type of person who  will mysteriously need to clean or finish a project or near anything else except run, unless I’m already signed up for a race. Then I run, a lot. Deep down I’m a sucker for beating the hell out of other people…especially in go-karting, raining champ baby!

I lost 10 lbs at the end of last year, which is great, but I need to lose a lot more and gain a lot more muscle to be able to play the game with those ladies. So today I began stage 2, “the real deal.” It’s going to get a lot more strict and a lot more involved. This is the general breakdown:

6 meals a day of a diet that mostly consists of egg whites, chicken, turkey, salmon, rice, veggies, protein shakes, nuts, berries, oatmeal and black beans.

At least 6 workouts a week. Each day will basically look like 30-45 min of cardio & a body area specific strength routine.

This week:

Monday – AM: 45 min treadmill, legs. PM: TRX

Tuesday – AM: 45 min stationary bike, back & chest.

Wednesday – AM: 45 min elliptical. PM: Yoga.

Thursday – AM: 30 min treadmill, abs.

Friday – AM: 45 min elliptical, arms & shoulders.

Saturday – AM: 30 min stationary bike, glutes. PM: Paddleboarding.

Sunday – Rest.

Phew. That felt like a lot to even type! So there it is. The story, the goal, the plan. I’ll be posting as regularly as possible to talk about workouts, meals, life and how much I miss pizza. Hopefully I’ll get brave enough to post some progress pictures, but no promises yet.