Glute-r-day on the Farm

Ok day one is over! First thing I learned is damn it Cat, write stuff down. I checked out a bunch of glute exercises from the Body Building website and as soon as I was in the gym with weights and people I could only remember a few. I need to have a plan within the plan.

Regardless I had a wonderful workout. My favorite exercise of ass day was the sweet butt liftys. They always make me feel like I’m air humping in public… kind of like air guitar… but way more awkward. I always thought it would be funny to do those while giving the “oh ya” face to someone random, like an 80 yr old lady. Saturday, where Cat totally creeps out a stranger. Giggity.

The afternoon contained an awesome double date at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market. I had never been to one and it felt like a field trip. I treated it with the same enthusiasm. I’m out of school wooooo…hope there’s a cute boy to make out with on the bus!

We bought some local honey, went to a house made balsamic vinegar and olive oil tasting and checked out a spice shop.




I have to say the balsamic vinegar and olive oil tasting that my friend Amy introduced us to was phenomenal. The vinegar flavors were so good you could legitimately take a shot and enjoy the hell out of it. My favorite combo was the espresso vinegar and the blood orange olive oil, sounds weird but I could cover a salad in that stuff and be really happy about it!

Spent Saturday night in with the boy watching a movie, he’s 30, you understand. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day but we’ll see…


It’s a New Year…

So last year I decided I wanted to do a fitness competition. No, not the crossfit, power lifting, crush your skull type of badassery. The egotistical walk on stage in a tiny bikini, flex your butt muscles and smile type of fitness competition. Ya, what the hell was I thinking? Honestly…. I was thinking I wanna be hot. Yes I wanna learn to eat clean, yes I wanna learn to lift weights, but mostly I wanna be hot.

So I set my sights on a competition on April 7th. I have 3 months to get to competition level physique:

ImageFor me I have to compete to follow through on most fitness goals. I’m just the type of person who  will mysteriously need to clean or finish a project or near anything else except run, unless I’m already signed up for a race. Then I run, a lot. Deep down I’m a sucker for beating the hell out of other people…especially in go-karting, raining champ baby!

I lost 10 lbs at the end of last year, which is great, but I need to lose a lot more and gain a lot more muscle to be able to play the game with those ladies. So today I began stage 2, “the real deal.” It’s going to get a lot more strict and a lot more involved. This is the general breakdown:

6 meals a day of a diet that mostly consists of egg whites, chicken, turkey, salmon, rice, veggies, protein shakes, nuts, berries, oatmeal and black beans.

At least 6 workouts a week. Each day will basically look like 30-45 min of cardio & a body area specific strength routine.

This week:

Monday – AM: 45 min treadmill, legs. PM: TRX

Tuesday – AM: 45 min stationary bike, back & chest.

Wednesday – AM: 45 min elliptical. PM: Yoga.

Thursday – AM: 30 min treadmill, abs.

Friday – AM: 45 min elliptical, arms & shoulders.

Saturday – AM: 30 min stationary bike, glutes. PM: Paddleboarding.

Sunday – Rest.

Phew. That felt like a lot to even type! So there it is. The story, the goal, the plan. I’ll be posting as regularly as possible to talk about workouts, meals, life and how much I miss pizza. Hopefully I’ll get brave enough to post some progress pictures, but no promises yet.